At AGR Law we have the expertise to represent clients in all matters relating to family law, whether privately funded or through Legal Aid funding.

How we can help you:

  • Child Arrangements
  • Child Care Cases
  • Divorce
  • Matrimonial Finances
  • Unmarried Partners
  • Domestic Abuse

Whenever cases concern the breakdown of the family, we understand that it is difficult time for everyone involved.

Sometimes the associated discussions and decisions are harder to manage, due to the increased levels of stress and anxiety as well as the worries and concerns for your future.

Our team of solicitors have a wealth of experience in sensitively resolving family dispute cases and can advise you on the best approach to take in ensuring the strongest possible outcome for you, and where applicable, your children too.

We are able to help and support with many complicated family situations and will be sensitive and adaptable to your needs.

Having listened to your concerns, we will advise you from the outset what to expect; starting at the beginning of your case right to its conclusion. We will show you the roadblocks and the issues you might encounter during your proceedings and how to address them. Working with you, we will update you regularly on your case’s progress and any issues that arise.

An Example Family Law Case Study

Jastin (15) was living with his father and his father’s partner. Unfortunately, Jastin’s father passed away without writing a Will correctly, thereby not enabling Jastin to inherit his estate.

As Jastin was considered by law to be a minor, he found himself unable to sign the grant of probate, which would have allowed the court to protect his inheritance as a child. Jastin lived with his father’s partner, who did not have parental responsibility, so she was also unable to sign the grant of probate and his mother refused to sign. The father’s partner needed an order under the Children Act to give her the legal right to sign documents on behalf of Jastin. Jastin was fast approaching his 16th birthday, after which time, the court could not make any Children Act orders affecting his life.

AGR Law helped Jastin to apply for documentation from the court and built a case for him resulting in the court making appropriate Children Act orders just weeks before Jastin’s 16th birthday and secured an extension of the order to remain in affect until when Jastin reached 18 years of age, meaning that Jastin did not lose out on his inheritance from his father.

Legal Aid and Family Law

At AGR Law we can assess qualification for Legal Aid as we are committed to ensuring that all cases get the right representation. Legal Aid can reduce the financial strain on a client, and give access to legal support to vulnerable individuals whilst they are going through difficult times.

At AGR Law, we have a Legal Aid Franchise in family law and children cases. However, it is important to note that there are limitations in accessing legal aid so that, unless your case falls within the scope for legal aid automatically, you would be required to meet certain criteria.

To find out more about our Legal Aid Services, click here.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we can advise you on other ways to fund your case.

Family Law as Resolution Members

At AGR Law, we are proud to be a Resolution Member. Resolution membership relies on adherence to their Code of Practice which sets out the principles of a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The principles are widely recognised and have been adopted by the Law Society as recommended good practice for family lawyers.

As members of Resolution and as required by the protocol, we will at first instance try and negotiate or use mediation before making an application to court. If an agreement cannot be reached or if your matter is not suitable for mediation, perhaps due to the urgency of the matter or domestic abuse, we will act swiftly to commence court proceedings and guide you through the whole process. We will fight your corner throughout.

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