Why choose AGR Law

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Why choose AGR Law

Why Choose Us

As an award-winning law firm, AGR Law are recognised as a leading law practice in Leicester and Northampton, having received the Leicestershire Law Society’s ‘Small Law Firm of the Year 2019’ Award. This is due to their excellent client care and their extensive experience of providing excellent legal advice to their clients.

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Why choose AGR Law

AGR Law care for you

Right from the start, AGR Law set out on a mission to enhance the level of customer care provided to those requiring legal support. AGR Law provide a safe space where clients can attend to explain their current position and leave with the confidence that their legal issues will be dealt with thoroughly by our diligent solicitors.

Each solicitor spends time listening to you and understanding your legal issue, providing clear communication throughout your case and persevering to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Why choose AGR Law

Clear advice tailored to you

With a wide range of clients with differing levels of law knowledge, AGR Law provide clear and accessible advice. Every case and every client is different and so we tailor our support to each client and their circumstance.

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Why choose AGR Law

Legal Aid providers

We are approved to provide Legal Aid (also known as Public Funding). We can assess whether a client is eligible for Legal Aid, which reduces the financial strain on the client. Legal aid also enables us to give much needed legal support to vulnerable individuals in a difficult situation.

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Why choose AGR Law

We are experts in our practice areas

AGR Law is dedicated to the legal support and advice that we deliver. We only practise areas of law that we have expertise in and that we can provide dedicated and high-quality support to. We are a proactive solicitor firm and ensure that our team is up to date with changes in legislation. This gives you the confidence that your case is progressed in an accurate and optimal manner.

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Why choose AGR Law

The heart of our work

We listen, we care, and we persevere to get the best results for you.

Our three core principles are trust, honesty and integrity and we use these to guide our legal support. There are times when we have to relay difficult information or explain why certain outcomes are not possible for our clients, but we do this with the best of intentions to be truthful about the future of their case.

Our promise to you
We will listen
We will provide clear information on our charges with no hidden costs
We will give clear and concise information from the outset
We will make sure that you understand all your options
We will provide out of hours access depending on the circumstances of your case
We will ensure access to solicitors who are experts in their area of practice

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Why choose AGR Law

We are SRA Regulated and Members of Resolution

We have been regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority since 2017, and this means we are compliant to the standards of solicitor practice. Resolution membership relies on adherence to their Code of Practice which sets out the principles of a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. The principles are widely recognised and have been adopted by the Law Society as recommended good practice for family lawyers.

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Why choose AGR Law

Awards & Nominations

Leicestershire Law Society
Won the ‘Small Firm of the Year Award 2019’
The Law Society
Shortlisted for the ‘Excellence Awards’
East Midlands Women’s Awards
Gina Samuel-Richards & Ruth Goward nominated for ‘Outstanding Female Entrepreneur 2019’