The Availability of Legal Aid

The availability of Legal Aid is constantly evolving and as approved providers, we are proactive in understanding its changing requirements. We can advise whether funding is available and if your case qualifies for access to it.

Cases where Legal Aid is Available

You could get legal aid if:

You or your family are at risk of abuse or serious harm, e.g. domestic violence or forced marriage
You are at risk of homelessness or losing your home
You have been accused of a crime, face prison or detention
You are being discriminated against
You need family mediation
You are adding legal arguments of bringing a case under the Human Rights Act

Proving Eligibility

You will need to show that:

Your case is eligible for legal aid
Your case has merits or that it is worth spending public funding to pursue your case
You meet the financial requirements

You will need to show that you cannot pay for this legal support and in some circumstances, a proportion of the legal costs will be provided for but you will be responsible for the remaining balance. Equally, Legal Aid may be provided in the form of a loan which you will have to pay back later on.

The Application Process for Legal Aid

The application process for Legal Aid is complicated and at AGR Law we will support you through its progress once we have established eligibility. As experts in Legal Aid, you will be in safe hands with AGR Law and can be confident that we will give clear advice and inform you throughout the application process.

Please contact us or refer to the website for more information

You can check to see if you are eligible for Legal Aid here