Landlord & Tenant (Residential)

AGR Law provides services to ensure that the rights and obligations of both the Landlord and tenant are protected.


As a landlord, should there be a dispute, AGR is here to provide litigation services to enable you to rectify the situation as amicably as possible with your tenant. If this not possible, we provide services to assist or give you the necessary representation you may need in court. We will explore your case for any loopholes and pay attention to the areas that may be of concern to create a strong legal case.


As a tenant, we advise that a better understanding of the terms of the tenancy agreement is key in the prevention of any dispute. Should you need clarity, please contact us before appending your signature to the contract. Signing a contract makes it binding as it indicates that you have accepted the terms of the agreement.

Should there be a dispute between yourselves and the landlord, we will be able to assist you in litigation. Again, this will be rectified as amicably as possible, but if this is unachievable, we will strongly represent you in court.