Litigation Loan For Our Clients

Please note, AGR Law can only approach a litigation loan broker if you are a client of AGR Law.

A litigation loan can be used to assist you in financing your case. Such loans will pay for your solicitor’s legal fees and disbursements (such as court or barrister’s fees). Usually the loan is repayable at the end of your case or within 36 months.

We do not extend loans, but we may be able to facilitate the loan by liaising with the creditor and providing details about your case, but there is no credit agreement between the borrower and our firm, and we are not usually paid commission for referring you to the finance provider. The loan is a credit agreement between you and the finance provider.

Finance providers are more likely to provide a litigation loan to assist you in a divorce or property matter, where there are assets which can be used to help repay the loan at the end of proceedings. Finance providers may also ask you to make a minimum payment during the course of your case. For example, such payments may be the interest or 1.5% if the outstanding balance, along with the draw down fee. A draw down fee is incurred each time your solicitor draws against the loan account to pay their fees or disbursements associated with your case.

If you are our existing client speak to the Solicitor handling your case to determine whether your case would be suitable for a litigation loan.

Please note, we cannot assist you if you are already a client of another law firm.