Good Divorce Week 2021

We’re proudly supporting Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021, doing our bit to kickstart a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach when separating.

Good Divorce Week runs from Monday 29 November to Friday 03 December 2021, beginning with the launch of a new Parenting Through Separation Guide. Produced by Resolution’s Parenting After Parting Committee, this 21-page downloadable resource is available free.

Packed full of advice and support to help parents through separation, divorce and beyond, the guide begins with real-life stories and talks about dealing with shocking and emotionally traumatic events.

It details the role of a co-parent and how best to communicate with children, including suggestions on explaining the situation and managing a child’s feelings.

The guide also covers when and how to involve children in decision-making and has a handy jargon busting section to help you with unfamiliar and confusing legal definitions.

The Parenting Through Separation Guide is suitable for all parents, whether you fear a relationship is about to end, are newly separated or have been co-parenting with an ex-partner for some time.

As Resolution members, we’re committed to adopting a non-confrontational approach to family law issues to produce better outcomes for separating families and their children. Please contact us on 0116 340 0094 or if you need support or advice on any issue surrounding divorce or separation.